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We understand and deal with all your requirements regarding freight forwarding Plan and implement local and international freight operations in one system Reduce prices and manage devices more efficiently while improving containers’ cubic capacity, consolidating orders

Export & Import

We are working to open the markets for local goods and products in order to push them to the Arab and international markets by providing an integrated package of import and export services

• Documentary credits, transfers and payment vouchers

• Safe payment from foreign companies through banks

• Expense reduction plans in order to reduce cost

• Documents required for import and export operations

• Exceptional documents required from specific countries

• Which goods are inspected and how they are inspected

• Conditions to be met for release

• Shipping methods, procedures and caveats

• Warehousing, Marketing and Supply

Our export services team ensures that your products are delivered wherever you want and whenever you want through our long experience in the field of exporting frozen food


40 feet container (refrigerator):
Carton 10 kg x 2400 / 2600 cartons
Carton 8 kg x 2800 cartons



20 feet container (refrigerator):
Carton 10 kg x 1000 cartons
Carton 8 kg x 1100 / 1200 cartons