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Our green ambition


Farmers are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with all of our suppliers. We export in the most responsible manner possible to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality products. That is why we have implemented social and environmental standards for the production facilities from which we source frozen fruits and vegetables.


Strictly controlled cultivation

Our quality management begins with raw cultivation. The suppliers grow our products under the umbrella of Mawasimo Factory, the processes are controlled accurately and efficiently, and the fruits and vegetables of other farmers who supply us are subject to strict control. Long and personal contacts with producers ensure fast and uncomplicated communication. Only the truly fresh raw materials we process.


Our team in the field

Rest assured knowing that you are working with a team of experts who have developed side by side frozen industries over 15 years, and who act as your dedicated gateway to new markets, high quality products and convenient convenience along the supply chain.


We support your continued

A highly skilled team of seasonally dedicated technical professionals are at your service day and night. They are waiting for you to make a connection - from anywhere in the world.


Our team is the foundation of our success

Mawasem team is constantly working on developing innovations that increase the accuracy and reliability of your entire system. Smart technology allows you to deliver consistent quality to your customers.


An integrated package of manufacturing services for third parties, modern freezing, storage, packaging, import and export

With Mawasem you choose:
• Modern freezing systems needed by the market and preferred by customers
• Friendly washing, sorting and packaging solutions for vegetables and fruits
• Reliable service and local and international support
• Consultation around the clock
• Flexible growth through modular solutions
• Quick response to solve problems
• Understand the needs and challenges of the local market.
• High quality of service in line with the best international standards.
• The highest professional standards and credibility.